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International In-Training Exam

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The American Board of Pediatrics has offered an In-Training Examination to trainees in the US and Canada since 1971. Due to the increasing flexibility of the Internet, the ABP is now offering the ITE to pediatric trainees worldwide in local training institutions. The purpose of the ITE is to 1. Enable pediatric trainees and their mentors to assess strengths and weaknesses in core areas of general pediatric knowledge. 2. Gauge a trainees acquisition of knowledge from year to year. Assessing Your Residents The ITE can be used both to improve the individual performance of residents and as an additional opportunity to address specific areas of strength and weakness. Programs participating in an ITE will receive the following - Individual trainee reports for core and specialty areas of general pediatrics knowledge - Aggregate data for trainees in the training program, organized by training year - Aggregate data by training level for US trainees. The Benefits Easy and efficient delivery via the Internet in your local institution Flexible scheduling of trainees to sit for the examination Affordable examination fees Comprehensive reports providing a variety of opportunities for program assessment

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International In-Training Examination


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